Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yes, We're Still Alive!

Obviously, life has been very very busy around here, but I really am meaning to post some recent pics in the next couple of days. James is growing like crazy (to the tune of about a pound a week right now!) so it is definitely time for you all to see the not-so-little guy.

Monica is adjusting well, though most every time I sit down to nurse she says "Poo poo! Change diaper?" and most of those alarms are false. She just wants me to put the baby down and pay attention to her! Can't say I blame her, since I do have to spend a whole lot of time feeding James at this point.

James is eating well and sleeping relatively well for a newborn. I could definitely still use some more Zs, but I've accepted that exhaustion is inevitable at this point, but also not permanent.

I really prefer the summer baby as opposed to the late fall/winter baby. We're able to get out and do so much more. Today we went to a park with sandboxes, a huge play structure, and a splash park, which is a play area full of souped up sprinklers. I met a few other moms and their kids, which was key. No way was I going to be able to manage Monica, the aimlessly wandering toddler, and nurse/care for a newborn at the same time. Thank God for mom-friends!

I think my ability to get out also has to do with my willingness to take a risk and the sheer need to avoid total insanity. I don't think Monica and I would fare very well staying in the house 24-7 with very little contact with the outside world. That's pretty much how I functioned in Monica's early months. Though, to be fair, it was probably less about the weather, and more about Monica's fussiness and fear of dealing with said fussiness outside of these four walls.

So, fear not, we are still alive and well, just strapped for time in regards to blogging. You have my word for a picture update in the next few days.