Monday, August 31, 2009

Etsy News

I'm nearly one month into my Etsy jewelry selling experiment, and I'm about to have my first discount extravaganza! From tomorrow through Labor Day, all Swarovski Crystal jewelry is 20% off. Woohoo!

Check out my etsy shop here.

Back & Bloggin'

There have been numerous days over the past couple weeks when I thought about blogging, even racked my brains, but alas. Here's to breaking the web silence!
Monica is growing and changing everyday. She's recently learned to pull up on furniture and walls so she is currently in the Minor Head Contusion stage. I swear, once a bruise on her face heals, another topple brings on another bruise. There are some days when I seriously consider buying one of these.
Here's a big grin for ya.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Told You So

About two years ago, I was on the hunt for a black desk. A big black desk with enough workspace to work on my crafts and spread out all of my crap, really. I found a reasonably priced piece similar to this one. I was very excited, but Kevin, in his very practical, pragmatic way, pointed out that there was really no place for "stuff." I pointed out that I could get these, and we would be all set. Kevin counterpointed by saying that, while the set up may work in a no-kiddo situation, open trays of erasers, safety pins, scissors, and highlighters was going to be a landmine when any crawling or walking child comes into the scene. We debated stubbornly for a time, but I eventually won and we got the desk and a coordinating bookshelf. We even had a custom glass panel cut to fit the desk. It really was a nice little set up...til about two weeks ago when Monica really got mobile.

I think my favorite part is the grin right before diving into the markers. Obviously, we need to do something about this, stat. I really think we should just Craigslist the desk and look for something more practical. Kevin still has some trouble getting past the "I told you so." Can't say that I blame him.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Partners in Crime - The Plot Thickens

Kevin and I went to a family wedding this weekend. Good times had by all. Monica had her first Bouncy-Bounce experience, though she can't really bouncy bounce as of yet. She smiled for this ridiculously cute picture, but then promptly got rather fussy when Dad-o started bouncing around.

Here's a picture of The Baby-Dog Alliance:

I've definitely seen Monica purposely drop her food on the floor so she can watch the dog trot over and slurp it up. More evidence for the unspoken deal between them: toys for food.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Not-So-Altruistic Gift

Has anyone else ever given a gift to someone, namely their spouse, because you would benefit from it, at least in part? I fully admit that I have. I bought a 1988 Little Caesar's Red Wings Commemorative glass with Steve "Silk" Yzerman and Gerard "Spud" Gallant on ebay in order to get a dog. (See Buck's story) I admit that gift was 80% selfish. The other 20% was guilt from having broke the glass.

One of Kevin's more creative ideas for my 29th birthday was to pay off my student loan. We were a few payments away from being done and he thought it would be "so great" to pay it off on my birthday as some sort of gift to me. Here's an email he sent me today:

Here is a screenshot of your student loan page. Note that all the amounts say “Paid in Full”!!!

Congrats on your college education!

Now that piece of paper is all mine. Ha ha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thick as Thieves

I'm pretty sure Buck and Monica have formed an alliance against me.

As you'll recall, Monica and Buck have taken to sharing toys, much to my chagrin. While I've resigned myself to the fact that a baby playing on the floor usually means a baby eating things off the floor, I just can't handle her mouthing Buck's nasty licked and chewed stuffed animal. I made a pact to prevent it at all, well, most costs.

Yesterday, I was cutting watermelon in the kitchen and keeping the occasional eye on Monica (who is very mobile now) when I saw the dog skitter through the dining room. I peeked around he corner to see what was going on and caught a glimpse of Monica with her hands all over the mangy Garfield. Her little tongue was about to make contact when I yanked the slimy, crusted thing away and put it in the dog toy basket on our raised hearth. I knew she couldn't get it there, at least. She was less than pleased but soon scooted off to other amusement.

I went back to my watermelon and saw the dog streak by. I peeked around the corner and found the mangy Garfield in Monica's mitts, again! That crazy dog went to the basket, got the Garfield, dropped it on the floor in front of Monica, and fled the scene.

Now, I really hesitate to believe that this was premeditated, but you have to wonder. Maybe I should just give up my quest. I am outnumbered, after all.

Monday, August 10, 2009

No One is Immune

Kevin forwarded me this article on Mommy Blogs and the ethical concerns over product reviews and disclosure of blog/product affiliation. I think this is interesting for a couple of reasons:

1. I used to read a few other Mommy Blogs than those on my little roll call, but when they became more interested in blogging about their books and business travels, I got irritated and moved on. It also seemed that some of these blogs were digging for posts by using some stories about their children and husbands that were less than charitable and rather embarassing. When I read about "the latest horrible thing my 4 year old did today..." for the 5th time that week, that was all I could take.

2. The PR folk and marketeers go after everyone! When they see an opportunity to reach a large sector of consumers, they find who they can use to do it and pounce. In the article, one very famous blogger states that she gets about 75 PR offers a day. Wow.

In my opinion, the best Mommy Blogs are those that share funny stories or difficult situations in an honest, compassionate manner. I have found support through these women who are willing to share their experiences. It helps you to remember that you're not alone in the grand task of raising children, even when you are quarantined with the never-ending illness or the third day of snow falling on 3 feet of accumulation.

But when a so-called Mommy Blog turns into a ticker tape parade to celebrate the latest speaking engagement or a constant stream of product reviews, it loses the identity that brought the blog to the forefront in the first place.

So, keep on bloggin' Mommies, but remember where you came from.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Big News!

As many friends and family know, I have been making jewelry for many years. Now, I am selling on Etsy! Wah! Please visit my shop and do not hesitate to spread the word! I love to do custom work (bridal parties, children's jewelry, other special events, hard-to-find and/or match pieces, etc.) so don't be shy!

Click HERE to see my shop!

(By the sheer number of exclamation points, you must be able to tell I am rather excited! Oh, what the hey !!!!!!!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You Always Want What You Can't Have

Monica is getting better at crawling/creeping, and her main motivation has been Buck's toys, namely this mangy thing:

That is Buck's Garfield toy that gets mauled and licked on a daily basis. As you can see... is a toy coveted by those who get around the house on all fours. At least they're sharing I draw the line at food and drink, though.