Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Launch into the Blogosphere

I never thought I'd actually be doing this...blogging. Until very recently, it seemed to me that blogging was just a lot of people airing their grievances, reviewing any product they can think of, or giving their two sense about what's going on in the world. Why would I care to read any of that?? It's just a waste of time, right? I have better things to do.

Well, I've changed my tune. I have become sucked into cyberspace in a way that goes beyond searching for discount plane tickets and closeout running shoes. I am now an avid blog reader...friends' blogs, mommy blogs, product review blogs, teenage angst blogs, Catholic apologetics blogs...the list goes on. So, now that I'm hooked on reading them, why not add my own two sense to the blog-filled cyberuniverse?

Here I am, or should I say, here WE are cyberspace! Kevin and Andrea are making their inaugural post.


1 comment:

Maggie&Suzie said...

good job on activating the comments thing- very important :) I'm excited to hear the musings of my favorite ex-convict :) I miss you guys!!