Monday, December 15, 2008

This One Says It All

Monica was baptized on Sunday. It was a blessed event, but not so peaceful for some...namely Monica and her parents! She screamed for all but two minutes, I think. She wanted to nap, but instead, Mommy put her in a scratchy gown and let a deacon pour water on her head. No wonder she was so TO'd!

The deacon that baptized her was just ordained a few weeks ago, so this was his first baptism. He was so excited and joyful even in the midst of the screaming. God's grace is abundant no matter the circumstances. We can all count on that!


Arwen said...

Hooray for Monica's being baptized! A joyful occasion no matter what!

Camilla was smack in the middle of her fussy stage when she was baptized (also at CTK) and when they were praying over the parents I actually had to take her out and feed her to avoid a complete meltdown... my husband and her godparents had to pray for me long-distance! All the other babies there that day were extremely well-behaved, so it makes me feel better to know that sometimes other people's babies act up, and we weren't the only ones!

Was it Mark who did the baptism? (Excuse me... Deacon Mark!) He was a classmate of mine at Ave Maria and it has been such an inspiration to watch his journey to the priesthood. He is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Monica is laying a leaders path! Sounds as though she brought more joy than a quiet child. Good news!

We (including Unc and Auntie) tossed the baptismal event around in our conversations Sunday. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on your blog!


Anonymous said...

...and this afternoon the occasion will be officially added to the Quist board of fame, Room 25.

Reenie said...

this is my favorite pic b/c it says it all :D yayay! no more pagan babies (but still a baby with definite sleep needs)

Andrea said...

It was Deacon Mark who baptized Monica. He was very excited and gracious through the wailing. :) After he baptized her he said, "Well, she's not a pagan anymore!" Kevin and I had been saying that to Monica for days. "No more pagans after Sunday." It was a bit stressful, but definitely made for some good memories.