Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Happenings

Hope your Advent was blessed and your Christmas season is peaceful! It's been a busy couple of weeks at our house so here's a recap...

We went to a gingerbread house, well, more like gingerbread structure, party the Sunday before Christmas. Here are our "masterpieces." My creation is the candy covered box. Not so creative...I'll blame it on pregnancy mush brain. (Notice the empty pile of frosting glue on the left? Yes, Kevin ate my lime slice.) Kevin's aircraft carrier isn't too shabby, eh? I like the sharks and surfacing submarines (bottom left).

Here's Monica in festive PJs on her "new" rocking horse. That beauty was Kevin's when he was little.

Christmas was fun and crazy...a chipped tooth, a sewage backup (which necesitated a group excursion to restrooms at an alternate location), and mulitple extended family events kept us busy.

A couple of pics...The fam on Christmas morning. This might be in the running for the 2010 card.

On Christmas night, we went to an outdoor light display downtown. This one is definitely vying for that 2010 card spot.

The days after Christmas brought quite a bit of snow. In fact, the evening we were supposed to drive home looked like this:

...so we stayed at my mom's house that night and had a little par-tay. Some of us got crazier than others. Maybe we should have just given her a lampshade.

Now we're home and no worse for wear. A safe, happy and blessed New Year to you all!

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Nick Thomm said...

I want to hear more about the chipped tooth and sewage back-up. That sounds like a great story. :)

- nick