Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We all went to my 20 week ultrasound this morning and saw the baby. It was really encouraging to see the little one on the screen! Most days, I get really focused on feeling pregnant (read: nauseous, tired, achy, moody) and I forget that there's a child in there. So, good to see you Little One!

We were surprised with Monica's gender at the birth, so this time, I wanted to find out ahead of time. Kevin was not so sure so we just had the tech write the result on a piece of paper so we could take it out later. Since Kevin was really really not sure, I hid the paper away for the remainder of the day. We took it out at dinner and looked at the result together, and it's a...surprise to you and everyone else! Sorry but we're going to keep it a secret from fam, friends, and the blogosphere.

Monica (obviously) did not really react. When she sees the ultrasound pictures of the baby, she says, "Puppy!" If that presumption continues, she's going to be sorely disappointed in June. Kevin ended up being sad about finding out. Not that he is sad about the baby's gender, but he is sad about missing out on the surprise in the delivery room. I feel a little bit of that, but I am looking forward to mentally and emotionally connecting to this baby in a different way than I was able to with Monica.

I'll post a little pic of Baby Dos as soon as I can. The motherboard on our laptop died a couple weeks ago and we're in the process of getting a new computer and extracting our other data. Oh, technology...


Arwen said...

Wow, you're twenty weeks already! Other people's pregnancies always pass so quickly.

We waited the first time and found out at the ultrasound (actually an extra one I had at 16 weeks) the second time, and we both preferred finding out. I agree with you - it gives a chance to mentally and emotionally connect with the baby, which is great.

I've heard some women say that they like to keep it a surprise so they have motivation to push at the end of labor. But wanting to have the labor *over with* is always enough motivation for me! The second time around, when we knew the baby was a boy, it didn't make us any less excited to meet him.

Anyway, I'm sorry for my sake that you're keeping it secret, because I love to know stuff like that. But I bet it will be fun for you to have the knowledge to yourselves!

We caught a cold and I totally forgot to call you back last time. But soon, I promise!

Andrea said...

Hello, I just happened to find your blog one day, it's very interesting and nice to read how close families are becoming again.

Anyway I wanted to tell you my 2yr old used to tell me I was going to have Donkey from the movie Shrek. Once we found out the sex of my 2nd we named him. This helped my son a lot we would refer to the baby in my belly by his name. Henry. He would begin to want Henry to see the pictures, or give Henry a kiss goodnight. It also made him understand he couldn't wrestle my belly or jump on me because he wouldn't want to be jumped on and Henry probably wouldn't like it either. It was also helpful when we were getting things together for the babies arrival. He was able to understand that. that's where Henry will sleep and that's where he'll ride in the car etc. Overall the transition for only child to big brother went so much smoother than I ever anticipated. I felt it was VERY helpful to know a head of time. Especially for Will, I also felt a very different connection with my 2nd son. Good Luck, God Bless, and I pray for a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy, labor, and baby for you and your family.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

How much do we have to pay you for one of you to tell us the gender of this baby? Everyone has a price.

Linda and Mike

Mary said...

Ditto Linda's comment! :)