Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some Quick Takes

1. Daily occurance: Kevin and I standing in the driveway, shoulders hunched in despair, staring at our totally weed infested lawn. Clover, crabgrass, and poky things aside, part of me feels a bit bad for begrudging dandelions their place. They are a very sunny yellow. That hue in a daffodil or day lily is very becoming but God help me if I'll tolerate it in a dandelion in my grass. I think the most discouraging thing is the hardiness of that sunny weed-flower. I know we could spray some serious chemicals or hire Tru Green, but with a dog and more importantly, a toddler who loves to play in and yes, sometimes even eat dirt and leaves, chemicals don't seem to be a wise an option. Our best solution now is to dig them If anyone has another non-caustic solution, let me know. We'd be happy to entertain other ideas.

2. A friend of mine just gave birth to identical twin boys this morning, sans Cesarean. Awesome. After having a long and difficult labor myself, with one baby, I have to give her some serious kudos. Her labor was induced and was over 24 hours-that means no eating and not a whole lot of sleeping. I really am just so proud of her. Birth stories for moms can be likened (on some level) to scar stories for little boys. You probably wouldn't want to re-live it, but it is something that really bonds you with other women. However, I think women win out over little boys because the result, a precious little baby (or babies!), is a very gracious gift compared to a scar.

3. Kevin is running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati this weekend. (We'll have to ask St. Clare of Assisi for some intercession because thunderstorms are in the forecast!) One of my favorite parts of marathon spectating is seeing the city we travel to-Boston, D.C., Chicago...but I'm not sure how much I'll see in Cincinnati since there isn't a really sophisticated public transportation system and there aren't a lot of loops in the route. But, we have some reservations at a highly rated Italian restaurant. Mmmm...carb up!
We are making the trek without Monica, which I think will feel a bit odd. Both Kevin and I have left town with her staying with the other parent, but this is the first time she'll be without either of us. It's only one night, and I know she is in fabulous hands. I think it will be tougher for me than for her in the end.

4. Bathroom humor begins at a young age, apparently. Kevin taught Monica to say "Toot, toot!" when she, or anyone else for that matter, lets out some gas. We'll be sitting at the dinner table, she'll let one fly, exclaim "Toot, toot!", and dissolve into hysterical laughter. I had no idea she'd be that interested in flatulence at 18 months. From my experience with other kiddos and let's be honest, adults, she'll be laughing at gas for many years to come.


Anonymous said...


Check out this website regarding organic ways to eliminate dandelions. It lists 7 different (somewhat humorous) ways to attack them. I may try some myself! Good luck.

Kevin's Aunt Carol

Andrea said...

Thanks! Those are some good ideas. I think we'll try some of them!

Reenie said...

I totally hear you on the dandelions, I think they are early and particularly bad in my yard this year... it's a dandelion forest right now. The "toot toot" is hilarious, love it! And best of luck at the marathon, run Kev run!! Great update.

E said...

Toot toot! That's my goddaughter. We have much in common.

E said...

"Toot, toot!" That's my goddaughter. We have much in common.