Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Dairy Free Life - Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I hope you have a fabulous turkey, potato, cranberry and pumpkin filled day.

Since I am still on a strict no-dairy diet, this holiday season should prove to be challenging, and to be perfectly honest, not as tasty. This became even more clear when James reacted to cinnamon that I had been eating. Perfect timing for cinnamon season...pumpkin pie, cookies, spiced cider,etc.

Now for the silver lining. I found this website: It has hundreds of recipes, product reviews, restaurant recommendations and the like for dairy free folks. A lot of the recipes are free of other allergens (soy, egg, gluten etc) as well. So, I will be eating dessert this Thanksgiving: Crumbly Apple Crisp with a Maple Finish. I might skip the maple, since I'm not a huge fan, and the cinnamon will be minimal to nil. However, I'm just looking forward to a little sweet to end my meal!

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Kara said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mommy! You're an inspiration. When it wouldn't be stressful, could we get together sometime? <3, Kara