Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Potty Talk

We have officially entered into the whirlwind of potty-training. It seems kind of silly to call it a whirlwind, but if you've done it, I'm sure you can think of really chaotic moments...sprinting to the bathroom with an already-peeing kid...hearing your child say, "I need to go potty!" and then, 3 seconds later, watching the pee run down their leg onto your floor...smashed #2 in the underwear...the list goes on.

I originally did not plan to potty train until Monica was much closer to three, but when she started stripping off her dirty diapers and leaving them as presents throughout the house, we figured we had two choices:

1. Duct-tape her diapers on

2. Start potty training

We opted for the latter, since she is over two, has a lot of interest in bodily functions and is generally eager to use the potty. At first, we went full-board--training underwear, plastic-y training pants setting the timer and having her sit on the potty every 20-30 minutes. There were some accidents, and some successes. We were not to be daunted! But then the plastic-y pants chafed her legs and she ran away from us at the mere suggestion of big girl underwear. So then we took the risk of just the underwear. That was when we all started getting discouraged.

I think we attacked it a litte too much by having her sit on the potty every 20-30 minutes because then she started to whine and fight, sit on the potty for 10 seconds, say she was done, only to have a huge, clothes-soaking accident 10 minutes later. After a couple days of that, my patience was waning. However, it wasn't until the dog got involved that I lost my patience altogether. Just before Kevin came home, Monica had a poo accident in her underwear and ran to the bathroom with said poo dropping to the floor as she ran. I ran after her, cleaned her up and, having had my fill of accidents that day, put her in a diaper. When I went to clean up the poo on the floor, it was gone, but there was Buck looking up at me innocently. I'll let you put two and two together on that one.

Since the Buck Incident, we've backed off on Potty Training Boot Camp for everyone's sanity. I don't think Monica has quite enough self-awareness to be potty trained as of yet. If we didn't remind her to use the potty, she would probably just go in her diaper 80% of the time. But, I also don't think it is wise to give it up and go with option #1 above. So, we have her sit on the potty a few times a day with some success, and everyone is more at peace. The road to potty trained will probably be a long one for all of us. Let the adventure continue...


Hannah said...

We did pull-ups for awhile...and had routine times for using the toilet- before meals, generally, and before nap and bed, and baths. Once the kids got pretty good at using it, we moved to underwear...but Jane was in pull-ups from 18 months-close to 3 before she was safe to be in underwear. Good luck! Hope you don't have any more dog incidents:)

Andrea said...

I hope Buck stays out of the mix too...ugh! Yes, I think we will need patience, but in general, I think it's been a really good thing for Monica to start using the potty. She is definitely very excited about her successes. :)

Kara said...

Note to self, skip "potty-training" posts during lunch... :)~Kara