Saturday, June 4, 2011

Date Night

Last night Monica and Kevin went to their first Daddy Daughter Dance at our parish. It was a sock hop so they got all decked out in their finest 50s attire. Monica talked about the dance all day leading up to it and loved (nearly) every moment.

According to Kevin, Monica can burn the floor with her dancing skills. She kept asking to go out onto the dance floor, but if Kevin held her, she arched her back and tried to jump out of his arms. If he held her hand, she went dead weight and crumpled to the floor. If he let her dance on her own, as she preferred, she would twirl a few times, sit down with her feet and bum in the air, roll over to her belly and keep rolling. Kevin did a demo for me and I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Needless to say, that didn't last long with a lot of other little girls and their dads trying to dance. But hey, to a two year old, the whole floor is up for grabs, right?

Making the poodle skirt and sending Monica and Kevin off on their date brought back a lot of fond memories for me. I went to Daddy Daughter events with my dad as a little girl and it was truly special. One of my date nights with my dad at our church was a sock hop as well. I know there's a picture out there to prove it, but I have yet to hunt it down. If I find it, I'll post it.

I'm so glad that Monica has a father who is willing to spend time with her, even if that time involves a whole lot of spilled lemonade and disruptive dancing. A close, loving relationship with a father is so important. Kevin is helping Monica to build a foundation for her relationships with boys and men throughout her entire life, a foundation that will help her to make wise choices in friendships, dating, and possibly marriage. Through him, she will learn what it means to be loved and respected by men. Granted, there are other factors in how Monica will relate to men later in life, but the father-daughter relationship is key. And, in my opinion, Monica is one blessed little lady to have such a loving, attentive, and patient father. Thanks for being a great dad, Kev!

And thanks to Maureen and Jen for helping me with the poodle skirt. It totally made the evening that much more special for Monica.


Reenie said...

Ahhhhh LOVE the picture- the face says it all. Look out world, Monica is coming and has a puppy on her skirt. The outfit is fabulous- love the scarf too :) And I can't wait to see her dance moves... they sound very, um, unique :D

AJM said...

I remember CRC Dad-Daughter dances VERY well, the sock hop one in particular. Good times and good memories. I feel blessed by those experiences. Glad that Monica will have those memories, too.