Monday, May 28, 2012

Aiding and Abetting

Yesterday was not one of my best days.  I inadvertently facilitated the death of two of my friend's chickens and Monica was there to witness the event. Not exactly what I had in mind for Monica's first "circle of life" lesson. She was a little disturbed at first, ("Mama, the chicken is broken!") but she's also talking about going to see the new chickens when they arrive.  At least three year olds are pretty resilient.   I think Reenie's comment sums it up best: C'est la vie!

RIP Frances and Geraldine.

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Reenie said...

I am sorry Monica had to learn about the circle of life at my house as well. But when you have a wuss who can't hunt for a pet... haha. Jk. I am sorry and hope she isn't too scarred. I will get those other three chickens and she can come visit the new chickens and will forget all about it (especially because they look identical to the ones killed). Thanks for being such a good sport about the massacre :D