Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sewing for Monica: A Sort-Of Simple Skirt

Here are the results for another MADE tutorial: A Simple Skirt

When I first skimmed this tutorial I thought, "Awesome. A sewing project that really will be one evening!" But, I double layered the skirt and used bias tape on the hems; these suggestions are in the tutorial, but they certainly took some of the "simple" out of the project.  However, I love not having to double roll hems, and who doesn't love a little extra twirl and flounce?

The black/white/yellow fabric is from the JoAnn remnant bin and the yellow polka dot fabric is from the JoAnn quilting cotton wall. This project would have been a lot more straightforward had I not sewn the skirt layers together in the center back hem. I *could* have left them sewn together but I think you lose flounce and it just bothered me to leave it. Separating the layers in the hem also caused some issues with the bias tape, but I corrected it and the stitches on the bias tape look more even for it. That correction took all of the "one evening" out of the project, but the fastidious craftstress in me is at peace now. 
I've come to realize that learning to sew and the too-cute results often take a lot more effort, patience and brain power than I thought they would. However, I still love it and find real satisfaciton from the creative process and the outcome. Maybe it is filling part of the challenge-in-the-workplace hole I sometimes feel being a SAHM. We all need an outlet, right?


Karen said...

It IS just as fabulous as it looked :) Well done!!!

Jodi Bonjour said...

AHH!! It turned out so great! And those pictures are so precious!