Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not so "fast"

Yesterday was only more evidence that I am a terrible faster. Seriously. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are a struggle, and I relish that one "normal" meal. Yesterday I made a fish dinner, like many Catholics, but some of my lenten zeal was crushed when Kevin commented on the superfluous amounts of food I made. At first, I was really offended! I spent time cooking this tasty meal and he's giving me grief! Well, after surveying my plate and the serving dishes, I realized I had gone a bit ape. I could barely finish my ginormous plate of food.

The Menu
8 oz. Margarita Salmon Filets
Roasted Sweet Potato Fries
Organic Multigrain Rolls
Fresh Green Salad

Oh well. I'll try harder next time! To the desert...(I really do mean the sandy hot place, and not the sweet treat...I swear...)

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Maggie&Suzie said...

hahaha. your post made me laugh because yesterday i thought the same thing, "I'm a terrible faster"... but for different reasons. Being single and on the go I don't always eat 3 meals in a day and its rare that i spend a lot of time actually making a real meal... so yesterday i had yogurt shake for breakfast, egg salad sandwich for lunch, and had fish sticks and mac & cheese at a friend's house for dinner. all of it was certainly within the rules for the fast, but admittedly i ate better yesterday than i do a lot of days... strange...

in my defense, at one point in the afternoon i was hungry and wanted a snack, but realized i couldnt. that probably sums up the extent of actually fasting for me. hmmm.