Thursday, March 6, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

As much as I loathe winter at the beginning of March and as much as I enjoyed beaching it for a few days, there is still nothing like coming home. Here are some things that I always appreciate about "home" no matter where I roam.

1. My own bed. Falling asleep and waking up in your own bed cannot be matched, even at the Ritz.

2. My pooch. There are many days when I don't particularly appreciate caring for ol' Buck: his muddy paws, pooper scooping, shedding and stinkiness. But let me tell you. When he came bounding in the house after Kevin brought him home from the place he was boarded, I was just overjoyed to see his little doggy face and to give his little doggy self a hug. He is so great.

3. The kitchen. Eating out for a week straight really gave me an appreciation for being able to walk in the kitchen and just get something healthy to eat, instead of paying $12 for a greasy piece of a pizza and rotting lettuce at the airport.

4. Familiar faces. The office may not be my favorite place in the world, but it's nice to walk in the door and know that you'll be dishing about American Idol and discussing the merits of different coffee roasts with people you enjoy.

5. Routine. Getting away from "it all" really helps me to appreciate "it all." I come back and notice the sunrise during my commute, the soft warmth of the throw blanket on my couch, and the freedom of having a car I can depend on. I come back and realize how much I have, and in turn, how much I have to give

Praise God for Home Sweet Home.

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