Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Palmetto Guesthouse-Culebra, PR

Here is my first installment in Andrea and Kevin's Culebra Extravaganza! It really was a great vacation and one major reason for that is the Palmetto Guesthouse.

The Palmetto is run by Mark and Terrie, a married couple originally from the Boston area. They were in the Peace Corps and then lived in Samoa and Tortola before recently settling in Culebra to run the guesthouse. When they arrived last summer, they gave the villa a facelift and opened for business. The Palmetto is clean, conveniently located close to Flamenco Beach and Dewey, Culebra's little town. Mark and Terrie were very helpful in helping us plan our beach outings, finding good snorkeling spots and loaning us beach chairs, snorkels, masks and flippers.

Another bonus for the guesthouse were the other guests! We had our own room and shared kitchen and living space with the other guests. There were three folks from New Hampshire staying at the Palmetto and we traded stories and tips about our travels around the island. They were a lot of fun and getting to know the other travelers only added to the adventure!

If you decide to take a trip to Culebra, we definitely recommend the Palmetto Guesthouse for an affordable and hospitable stay during you time on the island.

Mark and Terrie

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Mark @ palmettoguesthouse said...

Hi Guys - what a very kind review :)

Terrie and I want to thank you for staying with us! Also, you might like to know that I just put up some photos over at of hawksbill turtle hatchlings that some of our guests were lucky enough to see over on Culebrita.

Kind regards,