Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kevin and Buck...They're tight.

So most people know that chocolate is not good for dogs. Kevin is one of the "most people," but decided to let Buck lick fudgy chocolate frosting off his spoon anyway. I told him not to let the dog lick the nasty doggy poison, but Kevin's a softy and replied, "He likes it!"

Kevin didn't give Buck the chance to lick all of the frosting off the spoon, and you can't leave perfectly tasty chocolate frosting on a spoon, right? I know I would if it was covered in Buck slime. But Kevin, being the sweet-tooth that he is, couldn't resist the delectable frosting still stuck to the spoon. With almost no hesitation, he too licked the spoon--slime, chocolate and all.

His only comment post-chocolate-slime? "Ha ha...that was kinda gross."



Anonymous said...

I can neither confirm nor deny these statements and will take the protection afforded me by the 5th Amendment.


Maggie&Suzie said...

Hahaha. This post definitely gave me a chuckle and made me throw up in my mouth- all at the same time :)

I may be guilty of always letting the BOC lick the beaters when I'm baking, whether its chocolate or not. Although I always give them a good once over to glean some of the lickings myself- BEFORE the BOC get their slime on them... post dog slimed beaters.... eeewwwwwwwwww.

But, in Kevin's defense, he's going to be an AWESOME dad! If dog slime doesn't gross him out, imagine how well he'll deal with blow out poopy diapers, boogers, spit up, and all the other wonderful liquids babies tend to make and get everywhere. And anytime he tries to get out of one of those messes, Andrea can say "But Sweetie, you licked those beaters after Buck did... do you love little Kevin Jr less than Buck???" (Mom bats eyelashes pathetically and holds up oozing baby) Dad cleans up mess. end of story. :D