Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Lungs Are Burning

On Saturday, I went running for the first time in about nine months. I'd like to say something like, "It was so refreshing!" or "I just loved being outdoors and getting a good workout!"

The Truth: "It was painful."

The wind was blowing, sleety rain was flying sideways through the air while I plodded along with my lungs burning and my heart threatening to pound out of my chest. I was constantly reminding myself: "It takes a good two weeks for running to be fun again."

At that thought, I began to ponder why the heck I run at all. What on earth would possess me to put my body through agony in the worst of weather conditions. I don't have a really good explanation beyond some silly sentiment that doesn't hold water with the majority of the population that would rather just take a walk on a nice sunny afternoon.

The pictures below are from an old Adidas ad campaign from '99 and '00. I think these pictures do more justice to the plight and mindset of a runner than anything I could say.


Kara Wro said...

I have always wondered why people run. And who has enough energy to do that for "fun"! if you remember, let me know. Maybe I can find that much motivation. Doubtful though. Hope your lungs are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Just remember - it will be fun again - and great for your body - not only physically, but mentally! It's a huge stress reliever - and especially good when you need some peace and quiet and time away from the babe! :)

Andrea said...

It is a great time for peace and quiet and tension release. I've already noticed that my day is better when I have run or walked. Too bad it's so cold now here in MI!

Anita Prins said...

I hear you girl! That's a high hill to climb. Especially now that you're a mama! We'll miss you and the others tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!