Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Begins the Journey

It's been a while, a long while, since I've posted. Caring for a newborn is ridiculous amounts of work!! However, since we discovered this little item below, life has been a bit more sane. This, is The Precious.

Not to be confused with this character and his Precious.

There are a few similarities between Gollum's Precious and Monica's Precious.

1. Monica seeks her Precious with serious voracity.
2. She, like Gollum, is at peace when her Precious is in her possession.
3. Monica's Precious will also be thrown into the fires of Mount Doom some day between now and the end of toddler-dom. (We're going for sooner rather than later.)

(Alright, I'll be honest. I don't think Monica really considers that pacifier her Precious. I think Kevin and I consider it our Precious. I guess we're really the ones going on a "journey" to Mount Doom. She's just along for the ride.)


Reenie said...

AWESOME post! You and Kev are sooo stinking funny with "the Precious".

Kara Wro said...

Haha, You will learn that there are many things considered "the precious" and it will change often. logan still uses his and you should really purchase them now in bulk because a baby in a grocery store will spit/throw a binky under the most nasty shelf in the store. It will hit the floor and instantly dispear. You don't want to be without "precious". Monica is beautiful by the way. Will you be home for Thanksgiving? Miss you.

Andrea said...

Hey Kara,
I won't be in the Joe for Thanksgiving. The fam is coming to AA. Will probably be in town around Christmas though. Hope you're feeling alright :)

Karawro said...

i'm ok. just preggers! we won't be back for christmas. I am sad cuz i am gonna miss Caitlyn, Joe and Noah too. bummer!! We will all be together again one day, i swear!