Monday, January 12, 2009

"Abandoning Our Plans for Christ"

I was reading a meditation (same title as this post) in Magnificat today, and this excerpt really hit home, especially in being a new mom and accepting all that comes with that.

Whoever trusts in God gains quality in his life, in his potential, in security, and in his way of life. Surely all of us have plans in mind. This is good, but let us not make the mistake of remaining alone, convinced only of our own plans, of only what we want, because God tells us, "With me you can work miracles"... For sure, if you want to love, you have to renounce your immediate plans and your modern conveniences because without the cross, it is true that you cannot love. You cannot love the woman who gives her life for you, who renounces everyting to stay with you. You cannot even love your children who expect a smile or a word from you. You do not have time because you are focused on fulfilling your own little plans. True love always comes with an ability to renounce, with a sacrifice; and then that sacrifice becomes concrete love.
Mother Elvira Petrozzi

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Anonymous said...

Those words are so delicious! Thanks for feeding them to your readers.