Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Have I Been Up To??

Monica's having a growth spurt so I've been doing a whole lot of nursing and not a lot of sleeping. She's three months old on Thursday and it seems like she reverted back to newborn-ness in some ways. Last week, she was starting to soothe herself to sleep, sleeping for about 8 hours a night and really being more independent. Now, we have a tougher time getting her to sleep (a la six weeks of age) and she is going for maybe 5-6 hours a night, if we're lucky. As with most things, I know it's a stage, but I'll be excited to have this one over and done. It must be very uncomfortable to be growing so fast! Kevin has been a huge help while she's going through this stage. Thank God for hands-on Daddies!

One thing that I've noticed with our Little One is how fast they change and grow. It is such a whirlwind! In the thick of it, I often have a hard time remembering how fast everything passes. Some nights, some hours seem like an eternity, but they really are so fleeting. Yet, it is important to live the fleeting moments well, since the care and compassion we show our daughter, even at this early age, really does have eternal significance. She is the precious little life that God has given us to love and care for. I'm so thankful he gives all of us the grace to thrive on even the toughest days, and nights!

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