Thursday, September 3, 2009

Domestic Victory

I have a baby...
...who likes to make messes
...who really likes to eat blueberries.

Stains are imminent. In fact, this morning she got food processed blueberry all over her pajamas. Such a bummer because these PJs are super cute, striped with footies and a zipper. I know that a blueberry stain on PJs is really not a big deal, but still...
I stripped Monica to her diaper after breakfast and applied a paste of OxiClean and water to the stain. Fifteen minutes later, totally gone! I was super excited!

So, in honor of this small, but encouraging mommy victory, here is Willie Mays, pitching the fabulous product that made my day.


AJP said...

OxiClean IS the cat's meow. It's great for cleaning, too!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

I love OxiClean too!!! Between that and my Lestoil that I put into a squirt bottle, there is not a stain that beat me! (well, maybe a slight exaggeration!) But Lestoil does work great - just squirt some on your spot, let it sit for awhile, then wash later, it works great!

I am glad you got out the blueberry stain! Those can be tough!