Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, Chicken Soup

I'm bringing dinner to a friend who just had a wee one, and chicken soup seemed like just the thing. I used this recipe (plus veggie bouillon, random seasonings, and egg noodles), which is by far the best because you boil the whole chicken which makes rockin' broth. Naturally, I did not have a whole roasting chicken on hand, so I had to go to the store. Monica and I braved Kroger at 8am. It was awesome. No lines, no carts to weave around. We were in and out.

As soon as we got home, I threw my whole chicken into the pot of water and put Monica down for a nap. The pot took foreva to boil, so I thought I would have time for a quick shower before any boilage would occur. When I went to check on the bird after my shower, 1/4 of the pot's water was all over the floor and the stove. Fabulous. Salmonella water all over my kitchen where my baby crawls and licks everyday. So I got some bleach water and washed everything down, in a fluffy robe with wet hair, and added more water to the emptying pot. I don't know if that floor will ever be that sanitary again. I also took another shower because I got all sweaty during the cleaning process.

The rest of the venture was uneventful, except for the grumpy baby who just wanted to be held while I pulled meat off a chicken carcass, the dog under my feet begging for scraps, and the fact that I had to go back to the store during my outing to pick this up from the library since I neglected to check my list during the previous trip and so forgot the bread and salad for my friend. Now, I'm at home with a huge pot of soup and a kitchen full of dishes. So goes another cooking excursion with Andrea. It never is a simple endeavor.

Since the baby is playing with sharpened pencils, this post is over. At least she's safe from salmonella.

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Reenie said...

haha! great post! sounds so familiar :D and i especially love the bit about the baby that crawls and licks everything :D