Tuesday, August 10, 2010

As Promised...

...updated pictures of the kiddos! Yes, the last post was over two weeks ago, but, as you can imagine, we're busy and tired in this house! So, here's as little slide show:

James will be two months old next week, which is hard to believe! We've made it through the toughest days, and we're all still in one piece, and actually doing really well. The adjustment to two kids has been pretty smooth, but has also had its difficulties. It's hard not to be able to give Monica and James everything they need at the exact moment they need it, but I figure that's part of being in a family. In this context is where we first learn to wait our turn and be patient. I think Kevin and I are learning to have more patience too, at least that's the hope and the goal.

James is smiling and cooing a lot now, which is fun and rewarding. His little gummy grin gets me through, and Monica's funny little quips make me laugh when I need it most. Mommy-dom is many things, but right now, it is rarely dull.


Kayla said...

Such a beautiful family! And HAPPY BELATED!! Sorry I missed it. :) Love, k

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Oh my goodness, a boy baby with a Quist face!!! He is SO CUTE! And I am so glad to finally get pics! And he is 2 months old already? Wow! So glad for your family - And I am sure you are a wonderful, wonderful mom!

And if you feel like adding more pictures from these last two months, I wouldn't complain! (smile!)

So I am glad to hear you are doing well!

Hugs - the Carlsons