Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Future Farmers of America

We're back from Indiana, and yeah, there's whole lot of corn! But we actually spent most of our time in the canyons of Turkey Run State Park. When this trip was still in the planning stages, I was really skeptical about spending a few days in rural Indiana on vaca. But, it really is a beautiful place! Some of the hikes definitely rival some of the sights in the Adirondacks. And, we were able to share our love of the outdoors with the kids, thanks to baby backpacks.

Now, to catch up on some sleep...

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Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Doggone it - lost the first comment I made here, will try again....

Your kids are growing so fast, I can't believe it! And Turkey Run....we went camping there too with our kids! (wish I would have thought of the cabin!) And it does get better, the packing thing, things like Game Boys took up lots less room than most other things!

We also went to Turkey Run with the Youth Group, back in the day..... were you a part of that group? I have some great pictures of that somewhere! And don't worry about the messy house - kids grow up too fast to worry about that, the house will always be there!

(oh, I just realized my first comment maybe in outerspace there somewhere with the comment moderation thing..... so if you see both, just delete one!-sorry!)

Hugs from Michigan - Diane