Thursday, September 15, 2011

Belated, but in Reality, Totally Timeless

The UM/ND football game last weekend was glorious mayhem to the last second and enjoyed immensely in our household, at least by those who know, watch and stay awake until midnight watching Michigan football. The next day, Kevin found this little gem in the combox on MGoBlog:

When I got back to my tailgate there was a car full of dame fans next to me. As we're both packing up our respective stuff I see this guy take off his ND shirt and put it on the ground, go into his truck, pull out a bottle of some form, pour the contents on the shirt, strike a match and lights the tanker on fire,then gets in his truck and drives away leaving the smoldering shirt. I do in fact feel for ND fan right now.

Yowza. That's some serious football fan pain. While I don't feel the general hatred and vengeance that some UM fans feel toward ND, I totally got a laugh out of this one. I also had some sympathy. Let's be honest. What Michigan fan didn't feel tempted to burn some Maize and Blue after the Appalachian State debacle?

But who wouldn't feel some Michigan love after seeing Little 'Nard Dawg?

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