Monday, May 12, 2008

A Banner Day

Saturday was the first day for house showings and we had four appointments. Not bad! We spent a lot of time cleaning, decluttering, mowing, and planting potted flowers. We really tried to put our best foot forward, so to speak. However, the circumstances surrounding our house during the showings were not exactly ideal.

Our real estate agent owns the properties on either side of our house. He lives in one and rents the other. The renters are very nice people, but have some interesting habits.

1. They really like to burn things...such as trash and furniture.

2. They decided to hold a garage sale on the driveway...all day Saturday and Sunday. For most of the day on Saturday, a big yellow-green truck rolled in every couple hours with a bed full of garage sale stuff to set out on the driveway. The place was filled with old dishes, strollers, furniture, rugs, a giant chinese fan for wall decor, formal dresses, board games and the like.

Our take on #1: not favorable on any day of the week.

Our take on #2: normally not a big deal, but on the first day of house showings?! Our nerves were a little spent after a few hours of the garage sale inventory doubling with every truck-load and random garage salers driving up and down our driveway and lawn.

So, we figure it will be a serious miracle of any offers are made from Saturday's showings.

St. Joseph, continue to pray for us!

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Maggie&Suzie said...

for some reason, this post hit a funny bone and has me giggling at my desk. They like to burn things? and they haul in stuff to sell at a garage sale in a big truck?? wow. I'm praying for the house sale and that the neighbors go on vacation during your next showing.