Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Been a While...Again

I haven't been much or blogging in the past week as life was more hectic. The house is still pending, and we had the structural inspection last week. A couple of issues came up which threw me for a bit of a loop (emotional "loops" have been more frequent in the past few months!). Apparently, our furnace is old and "near the end of its life." Our inspector told us this three years ago, and the furnace still kicking. The agent said not to be concerned. The other issue was the shifting/settling foundation under the addition in the back of the house. Kevin told me about this on Friday at around 5pm after I got home from work. That's not the most coherent or rational time of day for me, and I immediately started to worry...a lot. I began to imagine the worst; the foundation is cracked and sinking, and the buyers are going to pull out of the contract, running from our decrepit, old house screaming with arms flailing.

After a good night's sleep, I got some distance from the issue and was able to see things in a more rational light. We have an old home. Stuff happens in old homes. The house is not sinking or falling off its foundation. Truth be told, the buyers are just excited to get into the house and are not too focused on the furnace or the foundation (which does need some attention). As Kevin told me, it's time to trust and not to fret.

We were away for the weekend (more on that later), and when we returned, those sweet words, "Sale Pending", were still perched on top of the ReMax sign in our yard. The buyers are still with us, and we will continue our journey home.

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