Thursday, August 28, 2008

More of the Real Deal

Yesterday I posted an excerpt of Speaker Pelosi's comments regarding the Catholic Church's stance on abortion. She specifically referenced St. Augustine in regard to abortion and when human life actually begins. The specific writings she was referencing did not really address the morality of abortion, but the time that the soul entered the human body, or ensoulment.

Here's part of a statement from Archbishop Wuerl of Washingtion D.C.:

“As the Catechism and early Church documents make clear, abortion is always an evil. That is an unchanging teaching. The question on when the soul enters the body was a philosophical question that grew out of a lack of scientific data at the time of St. Augustine. We have the data today which shows the embryo is human. There no longer is any discussion of whether the unborn is human and so the philosophical discussion of St. Augustine’s time is not relevant today.

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