Thursday, September 4, 2008

When Fun Leads to Fraying

The Tired Pregnant Lady is back.

This weekend was a fun one, but oh-so-busy.
Friday: a little bit of birthday picnicking at a friends house with a lot of this.

Saturday: tail-gating and Michigan opening home game viewing at a friend's place close to campus. Here's hoping we'll see some wins this season, even if RichRod doesn't have the arsenal he needs for the spread and appears in this picture to resemble a snake oil salesman.

Sunday: Holy Canning! My mother and grandmothers are expert canners, but this was my first experience with it. 6+ hours of work with great friends yielded a heck of a lot of these:

Monday: Kevin's parents drove down and went to the Detroit Tigers Yankees game with us. It was sweltering, not so easy for the Tired Pregnant Lady, but I'm glad we were able to make it Comerica this summer. We heart the Tigers!

This weekend left me a bit ragged. I realized that it can be hard work having friends and family close by. For 3+ years, Kevin and I were rather isolated and we had abundant time to ourselves. I don't think I'm used to cultivating a balance between time by myself, time with God, time with Kevin, time with family and time with friends. Whereas I used to pray we'd have something fun to do over the weekend, I'm now thinking we need to be jealous with our time, being sure to earmark time for just the two of us and time for solitude.

Activity, whether its getting settled at the house or meeting with friends or running off to a family event are not bad, but I am reminded (by my exhaustion and fraying nerves) of the need to evaluate and say "NO" when necessary. Here's to the need for rest, especially for Tired Pregnant Ladies.

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Reenie said...

Yeah, I hear you on trying to find that balance!!!!! And I'm exhausted after the weekend and I didn't do nearly that much visiting, nor am I growing a person! Get some rest lady!