Monday, September 8, 2008

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Last week, I had a little mishap in the kitchen. While rinsing dishes, the sprayer nozzle on the sink catapulted into the air and a fountain of water ensued, drenching me and anything else within a two foot radius. It probably wouldn't have been that bad if my reflexes were a little more cat-like, or at least less like that of a Tired Pregnant Lady (TPL). I mopped up the mess and battled underneath the sink to feed the sprayer hose back through the impossibly small hole so that it would not gush water all over the floor everytime I turned on the faucet. Did I mention that while this was going on, I should have left the house for mass 10 minutes prior?

Kevin's parents came to town a couple days later, and Mr. Fix It/Dad in Law made an attemtp to find the part we needed to replace, which is apparently unavailable at most home improvement stores because it's an obscure German make of faucet. So, the hose remained jammed into the drain and liable to pop up and spray any innocent person who so dared to turn on the water...until today.

Kevin and I decided it was time to replace the kitchen sink and all its various entities. We went to Lowe's, picked up everything we needed and scheduled one of their folk to install the sink. The plumber came today, ripped out our old sink and its accoutrements only to find out that the sink we bought will not fit in the hole cut into the Corian counter. We have three options: find a sink that will fit, get someone to cut the Corian hole bigger, or just live with a kitchen in which everything is functional but the kitchen sink. After the recent oven/range installation fiasco (read: delivery guy cutting himself and bleeding on our kitchen floor, new range sitting in the middle of my kitchen for two days, cutting Corian, grinding Corian, knotching wood floors and wiping every spice jar I own because it's covered in Corian and saw dust), the TPL in me was ready to just leave the room like this:

Sane Andrea overode the TPL and I made the trek to two different Lowe's locations to purchase the sink we are pretty sure will fit into the gaping hole. Say a prayer folks. If you see a picture of another gaping hole tomorrow, you'll know the TPL won out...big time.

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