Friday, September 26, 2008

Sour Grapes

I found these words from Hank Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees, rather amusing. This is the first year since 1995 that the Yankees haven't been in the MLB playoffs. It's also the first year since 1996 without celebrated ex-manager, Joe Torre, at the helm. He currently manages the LA Dodgers, who have clinched a spot.

As Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner whined in The Sporting News: "It isn't fair. You see it this season, with plenty of people in the media pointing out that Joe Torre and the Dodgers are going to the playoffs while we're not. This is by no means a knock on Torre — let me make that clear — but look at the division they're in ...

"I'm happy for Joe, but you have to compare the divisions and the competition. What if the Yankees finish the season with more wins than the Dodgers but the Dodgers make the playoffs? Does that make the Dodgers a better team? No."

Excuses, excuses, Hank. Better luck next year.

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