Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dessert: Red Beans and Rice!

Here is a typical Japanese dessert. Yes, those are red beans. You'll find them in many bean flavored ice cream, red bean filled cookies (fig newton-esque...without the figs), etc. I think this is a tough thing for Kevin to handle. He LOVES sweets. The more sugar, the better, and on the whole, Japanese desserts are not very sweet. It's probably been a rough couple weeks!

More about the food from Kevin..."I am doing ok with the food here, but I am excited to have some “bland comfort food”. My coworkers asked me what I liked to eat and I told them I liked “simple meals”. I think they have a hard time understanding what I mean. Several of them remarked that sashimi is very simple because it is just raw fish, no cooking. I don’t think that is what I meant. I meant more like simple as in bland."

Japanese Gatorade. As Kevin said, "Who doesn’t want to drink something with “sweat” in the name?"

Kevin and his coworkers at a shrine in Kyoto

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