Monday, July 20, 2009

On the Road Again

Kevin is jetsetting...again. To be fair, it's not exactly a joy ride to a tropical isle, or even an interesting foreign country. He's in the desert of Idaho at Nerd Camp. Kevin's going to be a part of a two week class put on by Idaho Nat'l Lab and Idaho State University. Something about modeling, experimenting and verifying - MeV. The nerdy part about the name (MeV) is that it's an acronym for the class and a unit of energy used in nuclear power nerdiness. Oy. I think I'm cool with staying home and concerning myself with naptime, diapers, and preventing Monica from licking dog hair off her hands. (She's crawling now and as much as I vacuum, I will never win the Yucky Black Dog Fur battle.)

Much to some people's relief (and others' disappointment) I will not be posting pictures of strange, raw food. I think Idaho potatoes, even when raw, would be utterly would stories from Nerd Camp '09 (at least to those of us who are not Nuke Nerds).

Here are few pics from kiddie pool time on the deck. I think Monica might end up being a bubble bath lover/hot tub lounger.

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Mary said...

Adorable picture! Funny way she's sitting with her arms back - kind of like the guys do - all laid back and chillin'