Monday, March 29, 2010

The Big Reveal

As I said in a previous post, Kevin and I found out the gender of Little One on the Way, but decided to keep it as a surprise for everyone else. After a few months, we decided the secret was not a fun one and the "cover up" was just getting silly.

Due to the availability of relatively accurate ultrasounds, people are used to knowing the gender of their baby and everyone else is used to finding out as well. When people see the belly, one of their first questions is, "What are you having?" to which I would reply, "We found out but we're not telling." I guess it would have been easier to just say "It's a surprise" but we did know so it wasn't a surprise to us so I felt bad lying. The "we found out but we're not telling" response usually just created awkward silence or further questions as to why we weren't telling and was too much in conversing with strangers and kind of sad/awkward with family and friends.

On the plane to visit Kevin's parents in AZ, I had a long conversation with the passenger next to me, and told her the gender. Kevin shot me a sharp look and I just said, "Hey, she won't tell anyone we know." Then I told the flight attendant. Then Kevin told his barber...and then we realized the whole "secret gender" thing was just silly. We were willing to tell people who have no stock in this child's life, but those who care the most aren't allowed to know?

So, here goes...

It's a BOY!

Little Man should be here sometime around June 14th, but the name is still TBA. I really thought this baby was a boy from the very beginning, but when it was confirmed, I was a tad sad that Monica will not have a sister so close in age. I guess, having grown up with a younger sister myself, I just assumed this is something she needs and should have. Now that I've had some time to get used to the idea of having a boy, I'm excited for Monica because she gets the gift of a brother, which I always thought would be fun, though I did not have the chance experience it. Kevin is excited to have a son to share man-things. Not that he can't share his love of hockey, college football, running, hiking and general ridiculousness with Monica, but I think having a son to do all of those things will be special in a different way.

So, on with more adventures in parenting. Ready or not, here HE comes!

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karawro said...

Congrats. Its a whole new world comin at ya! So excited for you guys.