Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Short and Sweet

It's been a couple weeks, so here's a short rundown...

  • Kevin was in Japan for a week. Monica and I survived with visits from friends and family and lots of prayers. Here's the souvenir Kevin brought back this time. If you're thinking, "Who the world is Anpanman?" check out this site. Good for a chuckle.

  • Kevin returned from his trip mere hours after Monica got sick with some intestinal bug...made for some messy, explosive dipes. Ugh. She's healthy and happy now, thank goodness!

  • It's been really sunny so we've been outside a lot playing in the dirt and melting snow. Lots of laundry.

  • I'm 26 weeks now, and at the point where I feel bigger than is really comfortable. I'm also blaming Mommy MushBrain for the lack of postings. Honestly, I think at least half of my brain cells are on loan to the baby! However, this too shall pass, and I'm making every effort to enjoy my time with one kiddo and nights uninterrupted by a crying infant.

  • Kevin is training for the Flying Pig marathon and is in the longest, most draining part of the training (read: running 20+ miles on Saturdays). I've realized it takes the cooperation of the whole family for him to do this, from the time spent training, to the extra food, to buying new shoes more frequently, not to mention those little packets of energy gel.

  • Speaking of extra food, I just realized everyone in this house is clinically skinny...except for me. That even includes the dog. Awesome. I think I'll go make myself a hot fudge sundae.


    Anonymous said...

    Everyone in our house is clinically chubby, except the dog. I'll join you for the hot fudge sundae. ~Kara
    PS - what's energy gel?

    Anonymous said...

    I think you need a post later that is a picture of the baby wearing the Anpanman diapers!

    Andrea said...

    Energy gels are little packets of sugary syrupy stuff that you eat during training or a race. They are a shot of quickly digested energy. You can check out Gu or CliffShots if you're still curious. :)