Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Joys of Toddler-dom: Toddling!

Now that I have posted a few times about the perils or toddler-dom, I think it's only right that I post about some joys. Yes, toddlers are challenging and well, irritating sometimes, but they are also great for hugs and laughter. It seems like Monica went from infant to toddler overnight. I think the change really happened when she started walking. The toddling ability opened up a whole new world of possiblities, discoveries, and mischief.

I love that Monica can grip my finger in her fist as she walks next to me, and I love that she can run toward me for a big hug, and throw her arms around my neck. I'm not the biggest fan of the running away, but it comes with a territory. Now that Monica can really walk, she loves to play hide and seek (which is really easy since hiding around the corner brings peals of laughter) and just explore the outdoors, picking things up and saying "See! See!"

Yes, some things about life were logistically easier when Monica wasn't totally mobile, but this new milestone means more exploration, learning, and development, which is just what childhood is all about. Here's to you, Toddler!

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Reenie said...

Great post! I do love this age- where they discover so much of their little world and get so much joy out of the smallest things. It's a reminder to me to find joy in the little, seemingly insignificant things of life! Yay Monica!