Friday, June 4, 2010

My Favorite People

Here's a recent picture of Monica and Kevin. I just love it! That is the best picture of Monica I've seen in months. Seriously. I could just eat her up!

And, here's one really-pregnant-belly picture. That smile is not completely genuine, as it was super hot and I was feeling quite large. However, being only 10 days away from due date, I know it's almost over.

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how a chapter in life is about to close (pregnancy, parenting only one child) and a new one is about to open (two kiddos!, newborn-ness). There are moments when reality really hits you between the eyes and you realize it's time to appreciate the present and not exclusively focus on the future, which is very easy to do while at the end of pregnancy. The serene and quiet moments of reading to Monica and snuggling with her before naptime have become more cherished and memorable in the past few days. Life is going to take a monumental turn very soon. The grace of contentment is one that I am enjoying to its fullest.


Reenie said...

Love the pics- both of Monica and Kevin and you and the new boy! Looking great. Can't wait to meet him. And yes, do savor these last moments in this chapter- the new one will have it's own delights, but this one is pretty great too :)

Karen said...

Great thoughts! I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you were doing. Regardless of your physical uncomfortableness, your mind is right where it should be :) May God grant you grace in ways expected and otherwise!

Amanda said...

Q! It looks like you've got a basketball under that dress!! So cute. I am so excited for you that your family is growing. It's very true. The grace of contentment is something that I am really trying to embrace, too. You may (or may not) know how life is going to change drastically down the road, so savoring the amazingness of the present is essential. Can't wait to see pictures of the new babe!

Love you and miss you.


E said...

OOOOOOOH! What a great picture! She is so adorable and beautiful! Love the dress! I CAN'T WAIT to be home and see you all again - and just in time (sort of...) to HELP YOU with Monica while you have a newborn!

I know exams are nothing in comparison with labor, but I have 3 HORRIBLE - and I do mean horrible - ones the next 3 consecutive days. They are the last 3 of 11, which makes it even harder. No one wants to take 11 exams! Ha! OK, so the point of this diatribe is NOT a pity party for myself, but rather, to let you know that my 15 hour study days, etc will be prayerfully offered for you, baby, and a prompt and speedy labor. You are in my prayers dear friend. The Lord will care for you and certainly bless you with more abundance than you can imagine!