Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sewing for Monica: An Easy Flower Upgrade

As mentioned in the previous post, we attended a wedding over Labor Day weekend, and I indulged in a couple of projects for the event. 

Last Spring, I bought this dress for Monica at Target: 

There was just something about its white fluffiness that I could not resist. It also made the perfect dress for the wedding. A bit flower-girl-ish, but whatev.

The one thing I didn't like was the flower. It was just chintzy, like something you'd find on a discount silk floral shelf.

So, I set out to make one myself. After some googling, I found this list of fabric flower tutorials and was immediately drawn to this one. I love peonies and the results for this project looked really voluminous and realistic.

Monica and I picked out the fabric together: a pale pink taffetta for the petals with matching netting to layer in between.  The project was relatively easy, though I definitely would pass on the taffetta next time.  Satin would have curled in the heat of the candle flame much more readily I think.  And in contrast, the netting curled so quickly I ruined a lot of my petal cuttings. 

I also used invisible thread to attach the clear crystal to the middle of the flower instead of standard thread.  This ensured that there wouldn't be any detraction from the shimmer of the clear crystal. 

And, voilà!


Chic-chic and sassy!

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