Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wax On, Wax Off: A Warning and a Miracle Product

Once your two year old discovers crayons, I would recommend sorting the laundry very carefully and searching all pockets...unless you want to spend two hours with a gallon of Krud Kutter, sweat, and a few tears.

When Kevin took the kids to his parents' place so I could have a work weekend at the house, I did a load of laundry, only top open the dryer door and find clothes peppered in some really vibrant Crayolas:

After hyperventilating for about 30 seconds, I ran to the computer, did some Googling and found a message board that mentioned this, touting it as a miracle worker:

Miraculous was what I was going for, so I went out to Lowes, grabbed a gallon, and spent the next hour and a half scrubbing, dunking, and swishing the salvagable clothes in Krud Kutter. While I wasn't able to get the really concentrated spots out, this product is pretty awesome. I was able to save a lot of stuff that I never would have thought would be wearable again.

And I've since used Krud Kutter on other stains, including ring around the collar, and it is really effective. Not to mention it's biodegradable and non toxic. It's my new laundry fave.

On a sad note, the Square Dress, Monica's fave dress and the first successful garment I ever made, will never be the same. A new Square Dress (which is really a Stripe Dress) is currently a work in progress. RIP Square Dress.

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