Wednesday, December 12, 2007's what's for dinner

Kevin is the Grill Master at our house, but I had my turn at the Lumber Baron's Restaurant in Bay City, Michigan a couple weekends ago. I chose my own juicy filet and grilled it to my liking over an open coal fire pit. It was fun and satisfying to prepare my own steak...maybe I'll have to take on the Weber when the weather is nicer!


Anonymous said...

They let you grill your own steak?

Is there an age requirement?

Andrea said...

There was no age requirement posted, but that's not a bad idea. The image of a parent holding up a five year old so they can hold the tongs over a fire pit and flip their meat is a bit concerning and ridiculous!

Maggie&Suzie said...

you're making me hungry for steak now... hmmm... (stomach growling)... sigh... but i don't think there's a cow lurking anywhere in the neighborhood, so it might not happen for dinner tonight.