Friday, February 6, 2009

On the mend...I think...

Monica seems to be doing better today, but it's hard to tell since it's still pretty early. Yesterday, by noon, she was going downhill quickly. I think one indication of her feeling unwell is screaming in the bathtub. Normally, this is her favorite time of the day, the great equalizer. No matter what was happening pre-bath, even getting her undressed in the bath routine makes her start to smile and coo. The past couple nights, bathtime has not been happy time.

Being a brand new mom and not knowing a whole lot of infants in my time, I tend to get stuck in her phases, thinking that she will always fuss about this or be moody about that. I think some of that is being at home and not getting out much either. But, at this point in her life, Monica needs to be at home a lot because she takes a lot of naps, and if she misses a nap, it's really rough for the rest of the day. Sleep and routine are really important, and Monica has a temperament that thrives on routine and predictability. I suppose many babies are like this.

However, I am finding that balance needs to be pursued. If I just fall into taking care of Monica's needs and not making a concerted effort to take care of myself-praying, showering, exercising, eating well, engaging in some enjoyable activities-I am definitely not the mom I aspire to be.

Here are a couple of pictures I took today. It is really tough to capture her precious little smile on the camera. I think it's the flash. She usually just ends up looking surprised or completely freaked out.


Anonymous said...

That's funny...she's almost making the same faces you and Kevin are in the baptismal pic. ;) her lashes are so sassy! Love them.

Karawro said...

I LOVE her super surprised face. Its something you will find on an email one day with a funny caption. she is beautiful! All babies require strict routine, once you get it down and perfect, she will change it up on you. Ah, motherhood. Find yourself a mommy group, and you will also find your sanity and self back. Its nice to finally speak adult with somone on a regular basis again.