Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overseas Bathroom Humor

Kevin and some of his colleagues have been doing work for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese company. Occasionally, his boss and other coworkers have taken trips to Japan and had opportunities to experience the culture. One of the interesting experiences to be had is the food, and not just raw fish, seaweed, and other delectibles. Japanese candy is also really interesting. Their sweets are not like ours. They are much less sugary. For instance, Kevin brought home a green tea flavored Kit Kat (tasty!) and green tea flavored hard candy (bitter...not so tasty.) Here is another Japanese yummy you won't find here in the States: Mr. Poop Candy. Yes, it really looks like poo. Check out this link for a picture and explanation.

Why on earth would you want to stick something like that in your mouth?!


Balazers said...

Hey Andrea! I just found your blog from Cassie's. Your daughter is beautiful!!! I hope you are all doing well.
Oh, and I think I'll pass on poop gum, thanks. :)

Reenie said...

I've had japanese candy before and honestly think if you can make awesome electronics, i'd think you could figure out candy that looks and tastes better... oh well