Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've Turned a Corner

Today the doorbell rang during Monica's nap. Praying that the noise didn't wake her, I rushed to open the door and found a young man standing on the porch. Here's the ensuing conversation.

Me: Hi

Young Man: Hi. I have something really important that I'm doing that I'd like to tell you about. Are your mom or dad at home?

Me: Actually, I am the mom. My baby is sleeping right now, so I should probably go.

Young Man: (Embarassed) Oh! Maybe I could come back some other time?

Me: Sure. Have a good day. (Close door.)

I used to get annoyed when people carded me or assumed I was still in high school. Today is the first time it felt good. I guess I'm feeling closer and closer to 30 as each day rolls by.

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