Sunday, March 29, 2009

Service, but Without the Smile

At dinner, Kevin and I were discussing a recent trip to the post office in his office building. I needed to ship a book, and I thought the best mode would be media mail.

Postal Service Desk Clerk: (Comes to the desk. Silence.)

Me: Hi. I'd like to send this media mail.

PSDC: (No eye contact. Weighing package.) No you don't.

Me: I don't?


Me: Why not?

PSDC: It's more expensive. Just send it first class. That'll be $1.51.

Me: Um, ok. (Push money across the counter.) Thanks.

It was a weird little interchange. It's not often that a postal clerk tells you that you don't want to send something in a particular way, but I figured she was just having a bad day. At least she helped me save money. According to Kevin and his coworkers, this particular clerk is one tough cookie. She just doesn't like it when you ask her to do anything, which is pretty much unavoidable since she's a postal service worker. The way to get on her good side is to ask about her kids. Kevin had been waiting for his chance. Just a few days prior to the above conversation, Kevin finally talked kids with her when he sent a package with a noise making toy that went off when the box hit the counter. He was in! Friendliness from there on out...until I showed up and demanded media mail. Silly me!

Now, he figures he's back at square one.

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Anonymous said...

I know who you're talking about, and it took me YEARS to get on her good side.... ~kara