Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Shower Just Got Manlier

Every March, Kevin and I have a Bracket Challenge. We fill out the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament bracket and tally up the points throughout the following weeks. When we started this tradition in 2004, we were still dating so the loser would treat the winner to a dinner out. Once we were married, the stakes were not so high since there was no longer "my money" and "your money" so we started making different wagers. Last year, my coveted prize was 5 Scrabble games (Kevin is notoriously stubborn about playing) and Kevin's winning was to be 30 days of me making the bed (he loves a freshly made bed and I could care less so he always makes it.) While the wagers are never exciting, it's fun to watch the games and our progress as the tournament rolls on.

This year, we didn't place our bets until the night of the championship game, since our brackets came down to the last contest. If I won, I wanted salt and vinegar potato chips and chocolate soy milk. Weird, but that's what sounded good at that moment. (I suppose I could go out and get that stuff myself at any time, but someone else going out, purchasing the goods and giving them to me while I lounge on the couch was a happy proposition.) Kevin decided on the Axe Shower Detailer Tool. Apparently, he was quite intrigued by the Amazon review.

So when UNC won, Kevin got his wish. The Shower Detailer is all his for a more manly scrub down. But despite the tire-like grip and hard-core black and red coloring, I still say a poof's a poof.

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Anonymous said...

So glad he's exfoliating... :)