Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog-Pressure Delivers

Here are some happenings and the first photos I've received from Kevin in Kobe. A previous post hinting for some pics must have paid off!

Excerpts from an email...
"A young girl from the office came out with us and I was told she speaks English really well. However, she went to school in London, so her English is still “foreign” to me. She sounded like Keira Knightley. Very strange to hear a Japanese person ask me if I “fancied another beer”.

We went out to dinner last week with a different group and they really like to have a good time. One of my US co workers made the mistake of telling someone else that they were “party animals.” Ever since, they have been saying there was an “animal party”. Obviously an “animal party” sounds more sensational." (Ed. note: When I first read about the "animal party" I immediately had an image of some sort of weirdly themed costume masquerade, not a wild bunch of people out for a good time.)

Now for the pics...

Toilet flusher – The different directions mean “large” and “small”. I will let you figure out what that means.

Golden Temple, Kyoto – It's covered in gold leaf!

Kobe – From a boat looking at city and mountains behind

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