Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Miserably Hairy Time

Yesterday I took Monica to the pool for the first time. I was excited! She loves water, so I thought she would definitely like kicking around at the pool on a hot day.

However, the outing did not go quite as I had hoped. The awkwardness started when I got into my bathing suit and realized I forgot to shave my legs. Since I already paid the entrance fee, I decided to continue on and be as discreet as possible. So I was feeling exceptionally self conscious as I walked across the deck with a big towel around my waste, planning to drop the towel and get into the water ASAP. I dipped into the kiddie pool with Monica and there were instant tears with an altogether pitiful face of baby misery. Apparently the temperature was not to her liking. I thought she might get used to it after a few minutes, but to no avail. The pitiful face and crying only worsened. There I was crouching in the kiddie pool with hairy legs and a screaming baby. All I could do was high tail it out of the pool and end our misery.

I guess I'll have to pay more attention to the hair situation, be glad I didn't buy a season pool pass and either find a heated pool, or fill a kiddie pool with warm water on our deck for now. Someday, Monica may become one of those kids who will spend hours in any frigid pool or lake, (Which totally boggles my mind by the way. I was that kid years ago, but now I am as wussy as they come.) but until then, I think she'll be content with bath time.

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Arwen said...

I was also a kid who could spend hours swimming in cold water, and now I really don't like to go in a pool that is below 80 degrees. And the lake? Forget about it. I wonder what makes the change as we get older?

My parents-in-law have a (big, in-ground) pool that we've tried for two summers running to get Camilla to go into, with no luck so far. She didn't like it at Monica's age and she was, if anything, even more skittish as a young toddler. I'm hoping that this will be our year, and that at two-and-a-half she'll finally be ready! We'll see.

I think you should get the kiddie pool, which Monica will probably love, and then take some pictures of her all decked out in swimwear. I bet it would be really adorable!