Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy Eats

Kevin flew off to Japan for a two-week business trip on Sunday leaving Monica and I to fend for ourselves. So far, so good. Kevin and I are video chatting at least once a day, which is great since phone calls are incredibly infrequent and difficult due to the time change and expense.

On his first evening out, his Japanese coworkers ordered some delectables for Kevin and his other American coworkers: dried squid (think jerky-ish stuff), fish stomach, pig intestines, and semi-raw chicken. Ugh! I think I would go on hunger strike or just fill my suitcase with granola bars.

It's funny. At home, Kevin eats the same thing for two out of three meals. (Breakfast = Wheaties, banana, and applejuice; Lunch = sandwich (either turkey or PB&J), apple, yogurt, pretzels, and carrots) In Japan, he tries crazier stuff than I can get him to eat for dinner at home! It's amazing what you'll do out of politeness...especially after a drink or two.

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