Monday, August 10, 2009

No One is Immune

Kevin forwarded me this article on Mommy Blogs and the ethical concerns over product reviews and disclosure of blog/product affiliation. I think this is interesting for a couple of reasons:

1. I used to read a few other Mommy Blogs than those on my little roll call, but when they became more interested in blogging about their books and business travels, I got irritated and moved on. It also seemed that some of these blogs were digging for posts by using some stories about their children and husbands that were less than charitable and rather embarassing. When I read about "the latest horrible thing my 4 year old did today..." for the 5th time that week, that was all I could take.

2. The PR folk and marketeers go after everyone! When they see an opportunity to reach a large sector of consumers, they find who they can use to do it and pounce. In the article, one very famous blogger states that she gets about 75 PR offers a day. Wow.

In my opinion, the best Mommy Blogs are those that share funny stories or difficult situations in an honest, compassionate manner. I have found support through these women who are willing to share their experiences. It helps you to remember that you're not alone in the grand task of raising children, even when you are quarantined with the never-ending illness or the third day of snow falling on 3 feet of accumulation.

But when a so-called Mommy Blog turns into a ticker tape parade to celebrate the latest speaking engagement or a constant stream of product reviews, it loses the identity that brought the blog to the forefront in the first place.

So, keep on bloggin' Mommies, but remember where you came from.

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