Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Not-So-Altruistic Gift

Has anyone else ever given a gift to someone, namely their spouse, because you would benefit from it, at least in part? I fully admit that I have. I bought a 1988 Little Caesar's Red Wings Commemorative glass with Steve "Silk" Yzerman and Gerard "Spud" Gallant on ebay in order to get a dog. (See Buck's story) I admit that gift was 80% selfish. The other 20% was guilt from having broke the glass.

One of Kevin's more creative ideas for my 29th birthday was to pay off my student loan. We were a few payments away from being done and he thought it would be "so great" to pay it off on my birthday as some sort of gift to me. Here's an email he sent me today:

Here is a screenshot of your student loan page. Note that all the amounts say “Paid in Full”!!!

Congrats on your college education!

Now that piece of paper is all mine. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Oops - I forgot to wish you happy birthday on the 6th!! Happy Birthday so late! ~Kara

Rita said...

What a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Your real gift is to have such a wonderful spouse.
Happy Bday belated